Valve-Developed VR Prototype Expected at Steam Dev Days Conference



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I was very excited about VR in the mid 90s, even bought books (technical, non-fiction) on the subject. Here we are almost 20 years later and we're still gaming on flat screens. I'm starting to feel like VR is the "flying cars" of computing.



I've heard about Valve's secret VR project since like a week after HL2 released. I was equally unimpressed with the idea 10 years ago, sorry.



Interesting as Valve had Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson working for them on VR and let them go. Jeri and Rick formed Technical Illusions and Kickstarted castAR to continue to work on the hardware. I'm interested to see what comes out of it, and Valves current efforts. I can say that my Oculus Rift is a nice tech demo, but they have got to get much higher resolution and frame rates for it viable in the market.



I'm, personally, getting very tired of all the Rift hype. It seems like there's a new announcement every week: "Rift getting Android Support!", "Rift to announce 4k version!", "Rift to Go Wireless!", etc. Meanwhile, they aren't even planning to ship a consumer product for another year? With all the hype, I will also have to be dubious of any review of the hardware - I get the feeling that when the "final" product ships, reviewers are going to be willing to forgive issues as "things that will be ironed out with future revisions", the "worthy price to pay when using revolutionary new tech", etc.



Have you used it? It certainly has some issues being too low res at 720p right now (and I don't even know if 1080p is going to be enough), but I'm excited about the prospect of virtual reality getting closer and closer. I mean check this video out:



While it will be awesome for flight/train and other sims, I can't say It would be useful for strategy games or the neck breaking FPS games.

What would be more awesome to see is the Emotiv's technology in gaming



I think it would be great for FPS. The military uses it on the american army game.