Ustream Taps Out, Gives Pirate IP Addresses to UFC

Ryan Whitwam

We recently told you about the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) attempting to get IP addresses of suspected pirates from Ustream and UFC's parent company Zuffa LLC claimed that several IP addresses were streaming pay-per-view UFC content to tens of thousands of individuals. Zuffa is only pursuing those accused of streaming the content, not the viewers. Today, Ustream has announced that they have complied with the subpoena and handed over the IP addresses.

Ustream has gone a step further by updating their video monitoring tools to take down copyrighted content more quickly. Zuffa's CEO, Lorenzo Fertitta seemed to make it clear in recent House Judiciary Committee testimony that they would be pursuing this matter aggressively. He claimed in his testimony that UFC was losing "tens of millions" because of these streams. Maybe fuzzy math, but Ustream took them seriously. has not said if they complied with the order as of yet.

Do you think Zuffa should be going after the streamers like this, or is there another way?

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