U.S.S. Enterprise Star Trek Pizza Cutter Looks Rad

Paul Lilly

The dudes over on CNet's Crave blog posted an unboxing of the totally rad U.S.S. Enterprise Star Trek pizza cutter, just one of many novelty items available on ThinkGeek.

When you think about it, the Enterprise's shape and design is perfectly suited for slicing up one of our favorite food groups, and from what we can tell from the pics, the makers did a fantastic job, at least with the aesthetics. It looks sharp (pun possibly intended) and up to the job, though we have to wonder if we'd have the nerve to jam the sexy gadget into an actual pizza and gunk up its good looks.

Not the least bit surprising, ThinkGeek sells a whole bunch of Enterprise-y products, including a $20 bottle opener (the pizza cutter runs $25). Full unboxing here , product page here .

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