uSocial Now Offering Bogus Facebook Friends by the Thousands

Pulkit Chandna

After enraging social web luminaries Twitter and Digg, dissident marketing company uSocial has now set its sights on Facebook. It has launched a new service allowing Facebook friends and fans to be bought by the thousands. Facebook buddies are available in multiples of thousand, with the minimum being 1,000 friends and the maximum being 5,000. If it is fans that you are looking to buy, the company can provide up to 10,000 fans.

uSocial is currently offering all the friends/fans packages at introductory prices. While 1,000 Facebook friends or fans can be bought for $177.30, the price for 5,000 friends is $654.30. The current cost of adding 10,000 fans is $1167.30. Although many doubt the worth of buying friends, uSocial founder Leon Hill claims his company delivers targeted friends. "We are getting, basically, targeted friends and fans who are saying, 'Yes, I want information on this,” he told the Associated Press in a phone interview.

He said that friends are added manually by accessing the client’s Facebook profile and sending friendship requests. Facebook is not too pleased by the prospect of users sharing their login information with others.

"Buying and selling of actions that are supposed to be taken by a user are certainly, we would argue, not authentic," said Facebook spokesman Barry Schnitt.

Image Credit: uSocial

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