Using Siri to Sell Windows Tablets is a Potentially Winning Strategy

Paul Lilly

Microsoft continues to lob advertising grenades at Apple's iPad.

I have to admit, I'm finally impressed with Microsoft's ability to market. That's not something I can recall saying before, certainly not when Microsoft tried to counter the humorous (but misleading) Mac vs PC commercials with a series of Jerry Seinfeld ad spots . While Apple was busy clowning Windows Vista, Microsoft figured it was a good idea to show Seinfeld shopping for shoes. Seriously. Thankfully, Microsoft isn't making the same mistake in mobile, and its latest ads are actually quite funny.

In case you missed it, Microsoft several weeks ago took aim at the iPad by placing it side-by-side with an Asus tablet running Windows 8. In the ad, Siri repeatedly apologizes for being unable to perform the same tasks as the Windows 8 slate, and finally pleads, "Shall we just play chopsticks?" Here's a look at the ad, which has over 5 million views to date:

Tablets running Windows 8 have a long way to go before they catch the iPad in market share, but with a comical ad campaign that doesn't feature churros or any of Microsoft's other past quirks , and instead turns Siri against the iPad, the Redmond outfit may have a shot at winning over consumers, especially as prices come down.

There's the key. Prices are coming down, as Microsoft points out in a new ad. This latest one features a Dell tablet, and like before, Siri is both apologetic and in awe of the competition, until she see the price compared to an iPad. "Oh, that's not cool," she proclaims after learning Dell's tablet is $200 less. Have a look:

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