User-Controlled Digg Mini-Sites to Ease Fierce Battle for Digg's Front Page


In the midst of rumors regarding Google being close on the heels of a $200 million takeover of Digg, there is news of a major addition to the populist news aggregator. Digg CEO Jay Adelson announced at a party - attended by 300 fans of the website – that in the next 6 months users will be able to create their own sub-Diggs , whereby they will be fully in control of the mini-websites.

They will get to decide the number of stories that are flashed on the front page of their website. This obviously means that the cutthroat scuffle for a place on the main website’s front page will relax a touch in coming times as some of the traffic will be diverted to the user-controlled sub-Diggs. Some of you might be aware that such sub-sites are already available on Reddit and Mixx. However, the addition of this feature on Digg should have a far-reaching impact and might even make life even more difficult for Digg-clones.

Image Credit: ValleyWag

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