Use of Web Email Drops 59% Among Teens

Ryan Whitwam

A new ComScore survey has come out telling us something we already suspected: people are using email less and less . What we didn't expect was the size of the drop off among younger people. According to the survey, the year over year change among teenagers age 12-17 was -59%. Maybe Zuckerberg was right.

The 25-34 age bracket was the next biggest drop, at -18%. Young adults age 18-24 only dropped 1% of their email tome compared to last year, likely due to college students. Only those age 55 and older actually used email more last year than in the past.

It makes you wonder what the future of messaging will look like. Young people of multiple age groups are increasingly relying on simpler methods of keeping in touch like SMS or Facebook. Is there going to be a place for companies that rely heavily on providing web-based email solutions in the future? Is your email use declining?

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