U.S. Government Requests Leniency for LulzSec Hacker Turned Informant



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Is it just me, or does it seem weird when someone is publicly labeled an informant? Wikipedia only lists 49 total, including this guy. I would be interested in hearing why it is made public in some cases and not in others.



Nobody likes a snitch.



"Nobody likes a snitch."

I do. Not only do I like them, I LOVE them.



It's too bad that none of the other hacker community will let him live free.



Why? What are they going to do, track him down and feed him sandwiches with the crust still on the bread? We're talking here about flaccid-limbed geeks with severe inferiority complexes, not the Sicilian mafioso. They'd all roll over just as quickly, especially once they're made to understand that the alternative is thirty years of nightly involuntary anal sex with a 300-pound ex-crack dealer named Big Johnson.



Maybe not physically assault him, but he will have to change his identity completely to be able to function online. I'd bet they are already working on tearing up his credit, destroying and damaging personal information and online accounts, stealing his identity - either that, or just gaining access to do it later. I could easily see them planting incriminating electronic information, and getting him sent to jail. Hell, they could get him simply by accessing his computer and dropping a bunch of hidden child porn on it. Not saying they are (IDK), but they *could* -if they know where to find him.

Bottom line is that the guy was doing the same shit they were, but snitched out, it's not like he felt morally obligated to report the crimes and perpetrators, or was saving lives... He felt the net closing and was the first to rat. Frankly he should probably go live in a cabin in the woods - it might be safer for him - cause if he gets framed properly Big Johnson will be looking mighty attractive.



dat last sentance.... ROFLMAO XDD thank you for a laugh bro