US Government Recognizes League of Legends Pro Players as Athletes



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Didn't the FDA recently declare that pizza is a vegetable? Coincidence?


Mad Mort

Either way, It's not gonna stop me from telling the ladies when they ask me, "So what do you do?"
"Who me?", I scratch some mustard off of my shirt from a bacon-wrapped hot dog I inhaled earlier, "I'm an athlete."



Hmm... I don't know about this.

LoL players most certainly should have the right to have visas and all that other crap that goes along with being called a pro athlete. That's for darn sure.

But that still doesn't take away from the fact that the word "Athlete" is associated with PHYSICAL ability.

Yes, I know: LoL takes skill. Those pros probably train themselves to death playing LoL. I'm also sure that it requires long amounts of concentration and mental endurance.

But there is no physical strength, agility, or stamina involved.

Yes, you must be skilled with typing and using your hands to play the game, but most sports require use of the whole body, and the result or object of the sport is usually tangible and/or real-world.

I don't think LoL is a sport; it's a game.



Every sport is a game...



To all the haters,

Don't sweat it. Your inability to accept e-sports as a legitimate profession is duly noted by the millions of fans that do not share your problem.



I can accept that it is a profession, trust me if I was good enough to get paid to play a game, (video game, baseball, baskeball, etc) I would definitely do it. But these people should not be classified as an "athlete". That is just a joke.



Really working up a sweat pressing all of these hot keys!



This is ridiculous. Only a few steps behind their, the US military's, initiative to give combat medals to drone pilots simply for their "1337 skillz" at drone piloting.

I think I'd rather see words taken out of the English language (ala NewSpeak) rather than have them corrupted, as is too often the case and is the case here.

Getting into the US on a "professional gamer" visa just screams out "abuse me" IMO. Absurd.



What a load of crap! That pretty much says it all.



I've been a gamer since my Atari days and will support the hobby through thick and thin but gamers aren't athletes



Definition of ATHLETE
: a person who is trained or skilled in exercises, sports, or games requiring physical strength, agility, or stamina

These people are not athletes. This is the biggest joke. What about professional chess players, that takes more intelligence and skill.

Maybe mental stamina, but really, playing 14 hours or more on a game that requires very little thought or skill...

StarCraft 1 or 2 makes more sense, but really...




Actually I am willing to bet it takes the same amount of intelligence and skill to play LoL.

There are way more moves in a game of LoL than there is in a game chess. Chess is static compared to a game of LoL. Your point is moot.



Haha don't be sore because your reaction speeds aren't up to snuff! Physical agility (dexterity) is required to be good at LoL, without question.

I was a three season athlete in school (years ago, Biceps's biceps aren't what they used to be!) and don't hold a grudge against pro gamers. They practice hard, work together in teams and use strategy and skill to best their opponents.

And if you think it "requires very little thought or skill" to become a season champion of LoL, I would guess you haven't played the game much, or watched the tournaments, which are actually pretty good. Try it, you might be surprised.



They are still not athletes. They are professional gamers, which definitely requires skill, but does not qualify them as athletes.



Sore about reactions speeds? Who said I have bad reaction speeds? I guess being a SCII master league player does not count for much.

I've played LoL a bit last year, it was boring and took very little skill, won most of the matches I played, but those were just normal online matches.

E-Athletes shouldn't be lumped with real athletes definition wise. The definition would have to be re-written to include gamers. If LoL players are athletes, then I am an athlete for playing chess or SCII competitively.



LoL is a handicapped version of RTS games like StarCraft (the series, not a specific edition). A good StarCraft player can/would be a good LoL player if they were to instantly switch games, but not vice versa. That doesn't mean the LoL player couldn't become a good StarCraft player, it means they would need to dedicate more time to master the game due to the additional complexity and skills required.

If they are going to allow games like LoL to be considered a sport than a revision really needs to be made to incorporate a whole catalog of games from video to tabletop.

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Brittany Vincent

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