U.S. Senators Urge EC to Approve Oracle-Sun Deal

Paul Lilly

Oracle's buyout of Sun Microsystems, which is currently on hold pending approval of the European Union, is a pretty big deal with several thousands of jobs at stake. Partially for this reason, a group of 59 bipartisan U.S. Senators has asked European Commission regulators last week to stop dragging out its investigation and give the deal the green light.

"The EC is within is sovereign rights to set the rules for operation in its market, but with our Department of Justice having made a compelling case that the merger does not pose a threat to competition, it is fair to ask the EC for the basis on which a delay on decision making is warranted and to make a decision one way or the other," said John Kerry, D-Mass.

Should the EC delay its decision, the group of senators also asked that it provide reasoning as to why a combined Oracle and Sun shouldn't be allowed to conduct business in the 27-nation European Union, eWeek reports.

The EC, which is primarily concerned about the ramifications of Oracle gaining control over Sun's open source (and free) MySQL, has set a deadline for December 10th in making a decision.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons Scrumshus

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