US Seizes 150 More Domains In "Operation In Our Sites"

Brad Chacos

The poorly named Cyber Monday may be a great time to cash in on online deals and discounts, but your chance to grab some criminally low-priced items may have been snatched away today by the US government. Last year, the DOJ and the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency caused a big online stir when they joined forces for “Operation In Our Sites” (har, har) and seized the domains of 82 different sites that sold counterfeit goods on the Web. Today, one year to the day after last year’s announcement, the agencies announced that they’ve seized yet another 150 counterfeit sites.

Forbes reports that federal officers bought products from the websites prior to seizing them. If the actual copyright holder confirmed that the products bought were in fact fraudulent, the feds got court authorization to seize the domains that sold the offending products. All told, the operation has shut down 350 counterfeit-pushing sites to date.

"Most of the actual counterfeiters and criminals involved are overseas and they're using the Internet as a means to defraud consumers here without actually having to set up shop on U.S. soil," John Morton, head honcho at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, told Reuters .

Your turn, Maximum PC readers: Is this a smart, proactive move by law enforcement or a bad sign for the future of the Internet?

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