U.S. Government Requests Leniency for LulzSec Hacker Turned Informant

Paul Lilly

LulzSec hacker known as "Sabu" could be a free man this week

If the attorneys for the U.S. government get their wish, LulzSec hacker Hector Xavier Monsegur, better known as "Sabu," will not be sentenced any additional time behind bars and become a free man on Tuesday. His sentencing is scheduled for tomorrow, May 27, but thanks to his "extremely valuable and productive" time spent as an informant, Sabu may have saved himself from a lengthy prison sentence.

Citing a memo filed in a U.S. District Court this week, CNET says government attorneys are recommending a sentence of time served. Sabu spent seven months in jail in 2012 after he made unauthorized online posts, which violated his plea bargain. Should the recommendation of time served be ignored, Sabu could be sentenced up to 26 years.

Sabu previously pleaded guilty to several charges, including hacking, credit card fraud, and identity theft in 2011. After being picked up by the FBI, Sabu turned into an informant against LulzSec, sometimes even working overnight communicating with other LulzSec members. His efforts led to the arrest and conviction of eight "major co-conspirators." That includes Hammond, a person the FBI identified as the top cybercriminal in the world.

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