US Airways Allegedly Thrashes Man's Xbox During Security Check, Tells Him 'Tough Luck'

Paul Lilly

For gaming on the go, it's probably a better idea to pack a PSP or DSi in your carry-on luggage than to stuff an Xbox 360 in your suitcase and hope it makes it in one piece. It's not that the luggage handlers play a game of kickball with your suitcases, but do you really want to risk having your $300 console tore into?

That's exactly what a man named Adam claims happened to him, who wrote to the consumerist complaining that US Airways destroyed his console after telling him everything would be hunky-dory.

"I was flying out Logan Airport and I checked my Xbox 360 in my baggage," Adam writes. "The agent assured me that here would be no problem with it. When I got home I found that they had put a little Ziploc bag on top of my things, and the bag was filled with tiny metal components that used to be in the Xbox. It's broken and they're telling me tough luck. Any advice?"

Already given, Adam--see above. But it's too late for that now, assuming Adam isn't pulling a fast one. Seems like this is the kind of thing that would warrant more than just a single paragraph description. And with no accompanying pic, color us skeptical, though the possibility is duly noted.

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