Urinal Gaming: Good Idea or Horrible Concept?

Paul Lilly

Wee consoles in restrooms actually exist.

Lots of people game on the Wii, but trying to climb a leaderboard while going wee is something entirely different. A British company called Captive Media invented a "Urinal Gaming System" that features a "pee controlled" video screen, adding a bit of fun and excitement when men go to empty their bladder. Yes folks, this is a real thing, and it may gain traction among sports franchises.

According to U.S. News , a minor league baseball team in Pennsylvania -- Lehigh Valley IronPigs -- will become the first professional sports franchise to introduce the gaming urinal in its men's restrooms next month. The way it's designed limits its use to males.

Captive Media has a promotional video (embedded below) that shows how it works using a snowboarding game. The controls are simple -- to turn left, you pee on the left side of the urinal, and to turn right, you direct your aim on the other side.

"I would come back time and time again. That is brilliant," a person in the video exclaims.

The average game supposedly lasts about 55 seconds, and a leaderboard keeps things interesting. It also helps boost booze sales in bars, as the concept of urinal gaming requires a full bladder to fully take advantage of.

So, what's the verdict? Is this a brilliant idea, or does it have 'bad' written all over it?

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