Upswing in Computer Memory Prices Means You Should Stock Up Now

Paul Lilly

Running low on RAM? The sooner you stock up, the less you'll end up paying, which doesn't sound like a big deal when you consider how rock-bottom RAM prices have become, but don't be fooled into thinking that will always be the case. Memory prices have already started to creep upwards, and various sources warn that this is going to be the trend through March and possibly beyond.

Let's start with DigiTimes . The news and rumor site claims to have heard from "industry sources" that contract prices for DRAM are set to rise 5-10 percent in March, which is actually a little less than many expected when Elpida filed for bankruptcy earlier this month. It's not just DigiTimes that's reporting this.

DRAMeXchange , a market research firm that constantly has its finger on the pulse of the DRAM market, says the average selling price of 4GB modules has already risen 5.7 percent in the first half of March and is likely to climb higher. The average price of 2GB modules went up 5.13 percent, while mainstream DDR3 2Gb (gigabit) contract pricing topped $1 for the first time this year.

"With a US$6.23 billion debt, regardless of whether Elpida withdraws from the market or continues on after making changes, the manufacturer’s troubles will surely impact and cause some reshuffling on the DRAM market," said DRAMeXchange, a division of TrendForce. "TrendForce believes, both buyers and sellers are basing their future price negotiation strategies on whether or not the Japanese government decides to bail out Elpida. As the third largest DRAM market share holder, Elpida’s fate, as well as their capacity allocation, will have a significant impact on the DRAM price trend."

If you've been eyeing a RAM upgrade, now's a good time to pull the trigger.

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