UPS Driver Leaves Android Tablet in Trash Bin

Paul Lilly

And the award for worst place to leave a delivery goes to...

If you're a delivery driver, there are probably worse places to leave a package than in an empty trash bin at the end of a driveway -- in a barrel of toxic waste, for example. However, common sense should dictate that, in theory, while a trash can isn't the absolute worst spot to leave a package, there has got to be a better alternative in each and every place where a trash can is an option. Yet, that's exactly what a UPS driver did, and of course it had to happen on trash day.

As initially reported by KTVI-TV and picked up by CNE T , a mother who had been saving her money for several months to buy her daughter an Android tablet was driven to tears after finding a notice in her mailbox letting her know that her package had been delivered and was left "in a black trash can."

UPS drivers are trained to deliver packages that do not require a signature and leave them out of sight. An Info Notice lets the recipient know where they can retrieve it. In this case, the driver seeing an empty bin assumed that garbage had already been picked up and that it would be safe to leave a package inside. However, Tracey Sole, the woman who ordered the Android tablet, left the trash bin at the bottom of her driveway because she was unable to bring it back up on the slick ice.

After contacting UPS, Sole was told they would replace her tablet but couldn't guarantee it would arrive in time for Christmas. That was before the story made headlines.

"UPS has apologized to me...I guess [the UPS driver] thought the empty trash can meant that they had already picked up," Sole explains. "UPS is going to be getting a new tablet for my daughter...before Christmas!"

As for the driver, Sole says "he made a huge mistake" but hopes it won't end up costing him his job.

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