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I was psyched about entering this contest to win the cool coins; why can't Arizona residents enter??



WOW......I just wrote a massive, but hilarious, upgrade failure story, and I went to find the email to deliver it to  you guy.......I read "only eligible for US residents.  I just renewed my subscription to the magazine for another couple years...and I find out that we Canadians are still getting screwed on some awesome contests.  I was so excited for this contest...and I really wanted a coin.  :(


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 Aww, how come us Canadian folk are left out of the best contests? Is it because some people can't find Canada? Or some people think that Mexico's border is larger than the US/Canadian border? Or is it the igloos? They're perfectly harmless, I swear! I've only seem one collapse on a moose before...

Alright, enough stereotypical griping, I'm kind of annoyed I can't enter the contest. 



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sorry just emailed it


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Well, after spending 10 minutes writing out my story, I read this part of the rules:

"This contest is limited to residents of the United States."

I feel crushed. :(


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 I hope you guys enjoy :(



Thanks to everyone who pointed out the typos in the contest rules text. If you've already entered the contest, please re-send your entry to comments@maximumpc.com. We're sorry for the confusion, and excited to hear everyone's upgrade stories!



I get a delivery error when i try to email mine in to the maximumpc address




Ok, so do we send the email to contest@maximumpc.com or to contest@maclife.com or to both? And what's up with the Feb 28, 2010 deadline?



Yeah, I don't get this at all. I first saw this in the July issue, and then it says we have to send our entries to the maximumpc email but then it says, "Send us your caption in the body of an email to contest@maclife.com with the subject line “Upgrade Tales” Deadline for entry: July 30, 2010." I don't understand what that is about, plus a little bit lower (just as the other commenter pointed out) it says the entries are due by Feb 28, 2010, what's going on here?



 "All entries must be received no later than Feb 28, 2010, with the winner announced around  May/10 issue." This contest alone was posted in May 2010 and I got May's issue a few months ago and no mention of this contest.


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