Updated Zune Software Coincides with Windows Phone 7 Launch

Paul Lilly

Just like Apple's iPhone doubles as a glorified iPod touch, Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 devices include tight integration with Redmond's Zune platform. Every WP7 handset will come with Zune built directly into the Music+Video hub and will serve as the Windows-based PC sync client so users can transfer songs back and forth with ease.

In anticipated of the spate of WP7 devices coming out, Microsoft has begun rolling out an updated version of Zune, v4.7. New enhancements include:

  • First Connect: WP7 devices will auto update the Zune software upon first boot
  • HD Streaming Video
  • Photo Sync between WP7 handsets and PCs
  • Sync Media: lets users purchase music and videos through WP7 devices and sync content to their PC
  • Parental Controls & Rating on Videos

Get more info and the latest version of the Zune software here .

Image Credit: Microsoft

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