Update v1.9 for Hulu Plus on Roku Now Available

Paul Lilly

Hulu has just released a new version of its Hulu Plus app for the Roku set-top box player. You should automatically receive the update to version 1.9 the next time you launch the Hulu Plus app on Roku, though you can also force the update by opening and exiting the Roku Channel Store.

There aren't any major changes with the 1.9 update, just a few minor enhancements. These include:

  • Improved playback reporting to help the Hulu team improve the playback experience
  • UI tweaks to compensate for device overscan
  • Additional improvements and bug fixes

And that's it. Hulu says the update doesn't address the playback issue observed by users who leave the player paused for several minutes or users with very fast network connections, but a firmware update by Roku does. Roku says it has begun rolling out a new firmware version, version 2.9 built 1553. The firmware adds the following:

  • Clickable banner ad
  • Several media player improvements, including optimizations to support numerous new content partners
  • Optimized playback of MKV files to reduce unnecessary re-buffers
  • Wi-Fi mode now displayed in network settings (only used to assist Roku Customer Support with troubleshooting wireless connection issues)
  • Other minor fixes

The Roku firmware is being distributed over the next week. Likewise, you can manually grab and apply it now by going to Settings > Player info > Check for Update.

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