Upcoming Nintendo DS to Dish Out 3D Visuals (without the Goofy Glasses)

Paul Lilly

Nintendo's super sized DSi XL hasn't even been released yet, and already the company is talking up the next iteration of its popular handheld. It will be called the Nintendo 3DS and it will allow gamers to get their three-dimensional groove on without the need to don any dorky glasses.

"This will certainly stimulate demand for the DS, Rakuten Securities analyst Yasuo Imanaka said . "But, we need to keep in mind that this is a portable machine. If you expect the kind of full-blown 3D visuals shown on TVs or in movie theaters, you could be disappointed."

It's unknown exactly how the new system, which is slated for release in Japan by next March at the latest, will reproduce 3D effects without the aid of glasses, but one one approach would be to use some sort of head tracking mechanism. Arstechnica posted a video of a game that does exactly that, and the effect seems to work well.

Image Credit: ds.kombo.com

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