UPS and FedEx Catch Heat for Holiday Delivery Delays



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I had some friends over for dinner in September, and we were talking about possible seasonal jobs which usually become available in October.

The 2nd-largest UPS Next-Day Air hub is in our town, and they typically hire around 1200 people for the additional holiday workload, 900 in the sorting facility, 300 out on the airfield with the ground equipment. They usually do the hiring in October.

One of my friends had been working there for years, and he just responded with this glum face, and said "not this year". And I asked if they were planning for a down economy and he just nodded quietly.

So, from my perspective, knowing several people who work at one of the world's largest air-hubs, UPS and FedEx did this to themselves. Their economic wizards gave them a bad forecast, and they shot themselves in the foot.

This was not simply a matter of increased demand, but a matter of them scaling back seasonal hiring to a significant degree, along with increased workload, a complete recipe for disaster.

FWIW, I ordered about 4 packages through Newegg. 3 came on-time, one took 17 days to arrive.

Dan O



I ordered something from Amazon on Dec 22 and I got it on the afternoon of the 24th, so not all shipments were delayed.



all I know the United states postal service is a RIP OFF! Try making money after they charge you 17.00+ for a small package!



No complaints here, throughout December I've had packages coming left & right, some for me, some for family. Most arrived on time, others early, some late, but most people know that stuff happens, it's freaking winter & X-Mas after all.

I'm just glad I haven't read about any FedEx or UPS planes crashing, etc. Stay safe guys 'n gals! MOST of us appreciate your hard work. :)



Who is UPC?

Eggnog, indeed.



If FedEx would allow me the privilege, I would like to personally deliver Teri Martin's late package. Upon delivery I can smack her in the face with the barcode scanner and tell her how stupid she is. How freeking' entitled is this person? Teri... YOU are the one that ruined your son's Christmas by being a procrastinator. But really, was your son's Christmas ruined or are you just being overdramatic? He didn't get other presents from people who didn't wait until the last minute? And the "taking my money" part? They still delivered your stupid package. It was just late. Maybe they can give you an extra hug and a juicebox to make it all better.


Ghost XFX

Too much "egg nog" huh Paul?



As a long time UPS employee, I can tell you that the amount of last-minute volume that we got this year was insane.

To all you procrastinators who have complained, you have no one to blame but yourselves. Next year try shopping just a few days earlier, or better yet, how about a whole week or even two. You will save yourselves a whole lot of aggravation, and the shipping will cost you a whole lot less.

As far as taking Christmas off, we get it off every year and it is contractually mandated.



You got the article title wrong again. I don't think there's a shipping company called UPC, LOL!



Wow. I didn't realize that so many people were like the Bundy family in that old episode of Married...with Children where the family explains that getting their gifts a day after Christmas is beyond unacceptable.

I was wondering if the sellers guaranteeing delivery by Christmas would come back to bite them. It did. I wonder if Bezos will try and use this as a soapbox for his asinine drone-based delivery system?



Stuff happens. Weather happens. A surge of people ordering online happens. People shouldn't be freaking out. Be grateful. Seriously, your xmas was late? pfft. I order everything as early as possible to avoid this. I had one item not show up on time. Not the end of the world.



UPS and FEDEX aren't perfect, but why does anyone order at the last minute if it's that important? If you want to guarantee that you'll have your package by a certain date, order early enough to get it a few days earlier.

"Chance Favors the Prepared Mind" (Louis Pasteur)



I worked as seasonal help this year for UPS and those drivers had it pretty bad this year, they had to work until like 9 pm on christmas eve. I know thats not as bad as it could've been, I myself am also an Iraq war vet and did have to spend a holiday season in the desert, but that is kinda shitty to have to work that late on a christmas eve.



Yeah, shit happens. I'm not sure why people are surprised/angered by this.

I was actually affected. One present from a relative was an envelope labeled Expected 12/26 and had a picute of a book that was to be my present. Going to pick it up today.

I aint even mad.



Seriously, someone complained they took Christmas off. Curious i wonder if the complainer was off Christmas. Stuff happens, its not the end of the world.


John Pombrio

I have a FedEx Hub employee visiting right now. Here in CT, everything was delivered on time that they received. As for late deliveries elsewhere, it's WINTER. If you want to have all your holiday packages delivered on time, move XMas to the middle of summer would fix the problem.



Pretty sure the headline should be UPS not UPC



Honestly, the real losers here are the complainers (the more vocal ones anyway). I kind of feel bad for FedEx and UPS.