Unsurprising Survey: Teens Really Like to Text Message

Paul Lilly

Do we really need a study to tell us that teenagers like to send each other text messages? Apparently yes, because not only are teens into texting, but it's go-to method of communication, says ChaCha, a text messaging question and answer service.

ChaCha polled nearly 1,500 teens and young adult users asking them: "What's your favorite way to communicate?" Here's how the answers stacked up.

  1. Mobile Text: 67.53 percent
  2. Other: 11.24 percent
  3. Mobile Call/Voice: 9.22 percent
  4. Facebook: 8.84 percent
  5. Instant Message: 2.88 percent
  6. Email: 0.29 percent

The highest percentage answer for "Other" was "In Person," so we do take some solace knowing that it was at least the second most preferred method of communication, but who are we kidding here, calling it a distant second would like be describing Godzilla as a lizard.

On a related note, teens and young adults said they'd miss their mobile phone the most if it was taken away (60.69 percent), followed by their PC (17.75 percent), radio (11 percent), and television (10.56 percent).

"Teens rely on their mobile devices as their primary medium, and they ask ChaCha over a million questions each day providing insights on their brand attitudes and actions," says Scott Jones, CEO of ChaCha."

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