Unredacted WikiLeaks Cables Include Dutch Queen's Residential Phone Number

Brad Chacos

Think you got a problem with telemarketers? Imagine being Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. While she might not get too many probing salesmen asking about the condition of her vinyl siding, Queen Beatrix may find her line clogged with inquirers wondering whether she has Prince Albert in a can before too long. That’s because the recent blast of unredacted diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks contains, gulp, Queen Beatrix’s residential phone number.

The US diplomatic cable in question not only lists Queen Beatrix’s residential line, it informs readers that Mr. Pim, the Grandmaster of the Queen’s Household, will be personally screening all calls asking for the queen. Smarmy prank callers may have a better chance leaving a message at the Queen’s office phone, which was also revealed and is available 24 hours a day.

Queen Beatrix may not be the only Dutch government persona who needs a Grandmaster to intercept her calls; Graham Cluley at Sophos reports that the phone numbers of former Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende, foreign minister Ben Bot and defense minister Henk Kamp all appear in the WikiLeaks cables as well.

Image credit: Graham Cluley/Sophos

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