Unreal Engine 3 Shown Running on iPod Touch

Paul Lilly

Apple iPod touch users craving a bit of higher end gaming have a lot to be excited over. How could they not, after seeing the same Unreal Engine 3 that powers Gears of War 2 running on a third generation iPod touch?

According to an Anandtech write-up, the Unreal Engine 3 tech demo was both playable and had a fly-through. It consisted of a modified Unreal Tournament level and included a virtual thumbstick on the left side of the screen for controlling movement, while tracking your thumb in the lower right corner of the screen manipulated the camera angle.

Anandtech noted that the frame rate was smooth and "the demo looked very good for an iPhone game." Speaking of which, Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, says the engine also works on the iPhone 3GS, and that you can expect to see it on another mobile platform at CES. How deliciously vague.

YouTube Demo

Image Credit: Anandtech

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