Unofficial Google+ User Count Crosses 62 Million

Ryan Whitwam

Paul Allen is the founder of, and likes to call himself the unofficial Google+ statistician. Allen has taken to giving the occasional analysis of actual Google+ users, and in the past his analyses have matched up with Google’s official announcements. Today Allen has released his newest estimate of Google+ traffic, and says the social network has passed 62 million users.

Allen and his team use a sampling method that relies on family names to estimate populations. This method has been used in other arenas, and found to be quite accurate. The current rate of signups is north of 625,000 per day, according to Allen’s results. That puts Google+ on pace for 400 million users by the end of 2012.

The reasons for the uptick, and predicted acceleration in growth is Google’s new ad campaign as well as Android 4.0 updates, which push users to Google+. Allen also cites the network effect, which states that the site will become more valuable for everyone as more users log on. have you found value in Google+?

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