Unlocked Galaxy Nexus Now Available in the US

Pulkit Chandna

Google’s latest flagship phone the Galaxy Nexus is all set to hit the States sometime in December . But for those who don’t want to, or simply can’t, hold their breath for that long, we have some good news. The world’s first Ice Cream Sandwhich device is now up for sale in the U.S. through Expansys . Hit the jump for more.

The Galaxy Nexus we’re talking about here is fully unlocked and so will cost more than a carrier-subsidized version, which will arrive next month from Verizon carrying a $199 price tag with a two-year contract.

The price of the unlocked Galaxy Nexus, in case you’re interested, is listed as $749.99 on Expansys.com. Before you go ahead with the purchase, we’d like to inform you that the handset currently suffers from a serious bug that leads to abrupt loss of volume during calls. Google recently acknowledged the bug and promised to “update devices as soon as possible” with a fix.

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