Universities Closing Computer Labs Thanks to Laptop Ubiquity


In what could become a growing trend among colleges, the University of Virginia will no longer run any campus computer labs. The University came to the decision based in part on only four freshmen out of 3,117 enrolled in 2007 showing up without a PC of their own, most of which were laptops, according to data from the school's Information Technology & Communication department.

That wasn't the case just a short decade ago, when 74 percent of incoming freshman owned a PC, only 16 percent of which were laptops. With 99.9 percent of today's incoming freshman owning a PC, the University of Virginia feels it's the right time to shut down its labs, even though usage remains high. School vice president James Hilton said it costs about $300,000 per year to run the campus computer labs, although the amount it will save will depend on what it costs to provide alternative access to community printers, specialized software, and othe services.

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Image Credit: Flickr laffy4k

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