Universal Music Says It Can Pull Content It Doesn't Own From YouTube

Ryan Whitwam

The saga of MegaUpload’s promotional music video just keeps getting weirder. Universal Music Group (UMG) had the video pulled last week, claiming that MegaUpload didn’t have the rights necessary to publish it. The file host begs to differ, and had the video reinstated. The disagreement has been heating up and made its way to the courts. UMG’s newest legal filing with the courts makes some confusing claims , including that it can remove content from YouTube even if it doesn’t own the copyright.

The 18-page filing says not a thing about the MegaUpload video actually infringing on anything. Rather, UAG asserts that it has the right, through the YouTube content management system, to pull anything it wants. Anything . The content management system was developed by Google to placate content owners, but it appears they might have been given too much power.

We will have to wait a few days to see how the judge responds to the new filing. If taken at face value, though, it seems to indicate UAG was not technically justified in removing the video in the first place. That could put MegaUpload in a favorable position legally. The video remains up, but apparently UAG could take it down at any time with its YouTube superpowers.

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