Universal Can't Decide Between DVD and Blu-Ray, Ships Both on "Flipper Disc"

Paul Lilly

It might be a little late in the game, but hoping to cash in on a few stragglers who have yet to upgrade their home theater to Blu-ray but plan on doing so, Universal continues to experiment with dual-format 'Flipper" discs.

"Consumers now have the ability to watch their favorite romantic classic, thriller, or action flick on Blu-ray, DVD, and PlayStation 3 players on one disc," Universal said. "With complete utility in one convenient package, each side of these Universal favorites includes the entire movie as well as all available bonus features, with the Blu-ray side featuring exciting exclusives such as BD-Live."

In other words, a single disc combines a 9GB DVD on one side and a 50GB Blu-ray on the other. Most Blu-ray players sport backwards compatibility with standard DVDs, but we can see this being popular with folks on the verge of upgrading. This will, of course, depend on how the pricing shakes out, and that's not something Universal has yet announced. We'd also like to see some current blockbuster titles make the list. This is actually the second wave of Flipper discs from Universal, which includes The Jackal, Traffic, and Out of Africa 25th Anniversary Edition.

So what do you think, will dual-format Flipper discs finally catch on?

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