Unisys Building Prepackaged Private Cloud Solution for Enterprises

Paul Lilly

It was just four months ago that Unisys unveiled its Secure Cloud Solution for public cloud customers, and now the company is gearing up to roll out a private cloud option. Unisys says it's just the latest in a series of aggressive moves to further expand its cloud computing portfolio.

"Unisys is committed to giving clients highly flexible computing services that enable them to move more of their business workload to the cloud," said Rich Marcello , president, Unisys. "We have found that some organizations prefer a private cloud solution for mission-critical applications that use sensitive data so they can retain greater control over their own and their customers' information. Unisys meets that need with the Secure Private Cloud Solution."

Unisys expects to have its Private Cloud Solution available in December starting at $50,000. Then in the springtime, Unisys plans to start shipping a hybrid cloud solution that will tie together the company's private and public offerings.

Image Credit: lonewolflibrarian.wordpress.com

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