Uniloc Not Finished Fighting Microsoft in Court, Looks to Reclaim $388 Million Verdict


In a surprise ruling earlier this week, a U.S. District Judge for the District of Rhode Island overturned a $388 million patent infringement verdict against Microsoft and awarded to Uniloc. Already six years into litigation, Unilock says it's prepared to keep fighting, and with $388 million at stake, who can blame them?

"We are disappointed by the decisions the trial judge has made to overturn the jury's unanimous verdict in Uniloc's patent infringement case against Microsoft. We believe that the jury's verdict in April was thoughtful, well reasoned, and supported by the evidence presented," Brad Davis, CEO at Uniloc, said in a statement .

Judge William Smith saw it a different way, saying the jury failed to graps the issues properly, but that will be a decision for yet another judge to make. And while it would appear that Uniloc has a tough uphill battle in attempting to reclaim its original $388 million verdict, Davis points out that the patent status on its intellectual property remains unchanged.

image Credit: geekets.com

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