Unboxed: The NZXT Khaos


We were hoping to find a giant Chaos insignia on the side of NZXT's newest case, but alas, it appears the chassis manufacturer isn't as big a fan of Warhammer as we thought.  Naming conventions aside, this bold new aluminum case presents an imposing sight.  Dubbed the Khaos , the full-tower chassis clocks in a smidgen over two feet in height and width.  With that monstrous size comes support for up to five 5.25-inch devices, one 3.5-inch device, and eight hard drives.

But the new NZXT chassis isn't all beast.  There's a bit of beauty inside this all-black chassis.  See for yourself in our full gallery of sexy unboxing photos!

The Khaos retails for a hefty $400.  To find out if it's worth the investment, be sure to stop back for our full review of the up-and-coming chassis next week!

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