Ultrabooks to Go Into Mass Production in September

Pulkit Chandna

Intel believes devices based on its Ultrabook concept will eventually be able to capture 40 percent of the consumer laptop market. Aimed at checking the rampant growth of media tablets, ultrabooks will offer both the performance of mainstream laptops and tablet-like features in a thin and light form factor (that’s the plan, at least). To boot, ultrabooks will offer all this for less than $1,000. So the sub-$1,000 question is: How much longer before ultrabooks begin inundating the market?

According to Digitimes “upstream supply chain” sources, major notebook vendors like HP, Acer, Asus, Dell and Lenovo are all set to begin mass producing ultrabooks in September, 2011. Its sources expect Asus, which unveiled its UX21 ultrabook at Computex, to beat other first-tier vendors to the ultrabook mass production punch. This is due to the fact that other vendors are grappling with “low yield rates over panel production.”

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