Ultrabook Sales Prop Up a Struggling PC Notebook Market

Maximum PC Staff

For far too many years now Windows laptops have been catering to the sub $500 crowd, practically ceding the high end market to Apple. Of course the Alienware’s of the world have continued to pump out impressive gaming notebooks, but mainstream users were all too often deciding between a cheap PC, or a more expensive Macbook. Ultrabooks have done a great job of capturing back consumer mindshare, and according to NPD , have helped keep the $700-$900 PC price bracket from eroding away completely. They also noted that the $900+ price point managed to grow a whopping 39 percent from last year.

The outlook for PC sales in 2012 continues to be a bit fuzzy, though selling fewer machines at a higher price could help offset any declines, at least temporarily. The chart below shows the steady growth of Ultrabooks since the start of the year, a trend we hope to see continue.

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