Ultrabook Makers Turning to Hybrid Storage to Cut Costs

Paul Lilly

Ultrabook players were hoping Intel would cut them a break with a juicy 50 percent discount on Core i processors to be used in the new notebook form factor. Intel, having already earmarked millions of dollars towards marketing the Ultrabook concept, scoffed at the idea of half-off CPUs, leaving notebook makers looking for other ways to cut back costs. Hello hybrid storage.

According to DigiTimes , hybrid hard drives are gaining traction in the emerging Ultrabook category, where storage components typically account for 10-20 percent of the total cost. By eschewing solid state drives in favor of hybrid HDDs, Ultrabooks players can keep retail costs under $1,000 while still offering fast bootup times.

Most current models are still sporting SSDs, but DigiTimes says to look for hybrid HDD Ultrabooks to increase in number. Acer already set the tone with its $899 Aspire S3, an Ultrabook that pairs a 320GB HDD with a 20GB SSD.

Image Credit: Acer

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