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I cannot find a Windows 8 iso on Digital River, is there a place I can find it?



I do have a question. I have a Windows 7 HP desktop and my HDD failed. I need a new one but I did not create an ISO image on a thumb drive. Windows 7 came preinstalled with no disk. Once I replace my HDD will I have to re purchase Windows 7?



wouldn't using a USB thumb drive have traces left on that? I use a DVD with tails on it. This can also be installed on a USB.
Tails has a built-in online anonymity: The key feature that's going to appeal to most people is Tails' built-in online anonymity. This comes in the form of the customized web browser Iceweasel built using the anonymous web browsing technology from Tor. The browser also includes popular security extensions like HTTPS Everywhere for secure browsing, Adblock Plus to block ads, and NoScript to block Java and Flash. Other than those features, the web browser works exactly like you'd expect a web browser to work.



I have all those on my USBs but I haven't used them for over an year.



"...for over a year." Grammar check too :P


Bullwinkle J Moose

Page 1 Error: (Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool}
"When done, you’ll have yourself a customized Windows installation disk that can install any edition of Windows"

XP cannot be installed this way
Page 3 Error: (UNetbootin)
"To use your Linux Live bootable thumb drive, simply boot to it, and at the UNetbootin menu select “Try Ubuntu without installing” (or whichever distro you chose). The OS will run right from the thumb drive as if it were installed locally on the host PC."

It will NOT run from the thumbdrive as if it were installed locally on the host PC as you are booting the READ ONLY ISO
It WILL run exactly like the READ ONLY LIVE CD or DVD that the ISO came from
Page 4
Since when does the home version of Windows 8 allow you to run it as a Windows to Go Install?
If I recall correctly, it is only the Pro Version that can be installed as Win2Go this way

but I just use the Enterprise Trial Disk to make a Win2Go drive and that lets me eliminate all those thumbdrives as I can make any boot thumbdrive I need from the Win2Go drive or restore any backup of any version of Windows from the Win2Go drive or Install any version of Windows from the same Win2Go drive instead of hauling a crapload of thumbdrives around

I can also install Win2Go from a Win2Go drive but restoring a backup of Win2Go with Acronis lets you restore a 90 day trial activated to day 1 and it will only expire if you connect to the Internet or use the backup beyond the year 2999 or beyond 90 days if you don't use the rearm "feature"
(This worked on Win 8.0 Enterprise Trial DVD but may have changed with 8.1 Enterprise Trial DVD)

Copy Install.wim from the Windows 8 Install DVD to the Win2Go desktop and make a shortcut to the Win2Go Installer

Even an expired copy makes a great fixit tool because if you need more than 1 hour to fix a machine, then you are a NOOB!!!



Using Easy2Boot and RMPrepUSB with Grub4DOS I created one flash drive that does almost everything. Pop it in and it can install all recent Windows versions since XP from ISOs, boot or install Linux distributions like Mint or Parted Magic from ISOs, boot and run Hiren's Boot CD from ISO and many other.



I believe I used a live distro on a USB and it allowed me to save on the thumbdisk.

That's really the only thing you need. Anything else and you should just install the damn thing.



You can simplify alot of this by using YUMI from
It's capable of installing Win 7/8 to usb along with just about any linux distro, live anti virus rescue disks, or partitioning tools like clonezilla. Also I would recommend Falcon 4 over hiren's. I've found alot of apps in Hiren's to be broken.



Agreed. I've got a 64GB USB Key made with YUMI with Hirens, Debian, Ubuntu,Knoppix, and Windows 7 along with a few portable apps. Works great for building the USB key.



why not use knoppix?

You have a complete functional OS on flash with almost all apps you need. You can even save your configurations and documents. Just that I don't recommend doing that on a daily basis as it will wear out your thumb drive.

All it takes is to download the ISO and dump it to the usb key.