UK Police Arrest Alleged LulzSec Spokesman

Brad Chacos

Setting sail on the Lulz Boat with a of glass of wine in one hand and a wide-brimmed top hat protecting him from the harmful UV rays, a hacker might actually start to believe that life is all laffs and SQL injections. Here's a shocker: things aren't quite so sunny in the slam, jackass. British police are the ones lulzing in the Shetland Isles after arresting a 19-year-old man they say is Topiary, the smarmy LulzSec hacker responsible for the group's satirical Tweets.

Graham Cluely at Sophos reports that the man is now being brought to a police station in central London while police go over his house with a fine-toothed comb. If he does turn out to be Topiary, this is a major blow against LulzSec's operation – half of the group's "allure" is its verbal smoothness (The other half being its strong pwnage capabilities). Topiary reportedly handled LulzSec's finances as well as its Twitter account.

It's not surprising police tracked down Topiary first: USA Today described him as "reportedly the least skilled hacker, but he's a quick-witted wise cracker willing to take risks." Looks like the dice came up snake eyes this time.

LulzSec has yet to comment on the arrest on its Twitter account, which makes sense if the man is actually Topiary.

Update : Check out Topiary's personal Twitter feed. All the messages have been erased except one: " You cannot arrest an idea. "

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