Ugh - Intel Reportedly Waiting Until 2012 to Install USB 3.0

Paul Lilly

Don't read any further until you've grabbed something squishy that you can chuck across the room without fear of breaking something or putting someone's eye out. We'll wait. Ready?

According to reports -- and you can get in the throwing position now -- Intel announced it won't be installing native USB 3.0 support into its chipsets until 2012. That's according to TechOn, who claims to have heard this from an Intel engineer at IDF. And if that weren't enough, Intel rubs a barrel full of salt and ground up chili peppers into the wound by fully recognizing how big of a role the chip maker's participation will play in promoting USB 3.0 devices.

"For example, the market for USB 3.0 peripheral devices will explode," the engineer said, referring to the SuperSpeed spec becoming a standard feature once Intel throws its weight behind it.

The engineer's statements run counter to previous reports that Intel would get behind the SuperSpeed spec sometime in 2011, and at this point, it's really anyone's guess as to when the world's No. 1 chip maker will get on board. In the mean time, expect to see companies like NEC continue to push their third-party USB 3.0 host controller chips.

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