UCSDs Robot Baby is the Stuff of Nightmares


It's eerie enough waking up to find your cat sitting on your chest and staring in your face as if to say, 'Are you gonna be feed me or what?' But a robot baby with an oversized head ? The creepiness factor just jumped off the scale.

The robot's name is Diego-San, given birth by researchers from the Machine Perception Laboratory at UCSD. That's right, multiple parents, just like that Krueger guy. Diego-San's vitals include a high resolution camera and 6-axis accelerometer, along with 20 moving parts.

Diego-San's creators say the robot is supposed to model a 1-year-old baby so they can conduct research on how a baby's brain develops. He stands about 51 inches tall, or a little over 4 feet, and weighs 66 pounds, roughly the equivalent of any healthy 12-month baby (just not a human one).

The real question is, who would win in a fight - Diego-San or Chuck y?

Image Credit: Kokoro News

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