Ubuntu-Based Anonymous OS Appears, But May Be Trojan-Laden Trap

Brad Chacos

One of the trickier parts of operating as part of a collective "hacktivist" organization -- aside from  having senior members rat you out to the FBI , of course -- is that anybody can slap the Anonymous tag on something he's doing. Case in point: Anonymous-OS.  Yesterday, an Anon-branded Ubuntu-based OS popped up on SourceForge , complete with hacker-friendly tools like Slowloris and Wireshark preinstalled. According to the SourceForge page, Anonymous-OS has already been downloaded over 37,000 times, but you better look before you leap: the semi-official @AnonOps Twitter account says the OS isn't actually from Anonymous.

Actually, the @AnonOps account says "The Anon OS is fake it is wrapped in trojans. RT". See, there's that pesky non-centralized "leadership" rearing its ugly head again! Skimming through the poorly worded Tumblr blog created to support the project, we noticed that the release lacked the typical eloquence and basic grammatical skills typically associated with Anon missives.

The operator of the Anonymous-OS blog claims his distro isn't filled with baddies and even posted a screenshot that he says proves it. However, don't forget that a week so ago Symantec revealed that wanna-be Anon supporters trying to download the Slowloris DDoS tool were duped into downloading the Zeus Trojan, instead .

So it Anonymous-OS infested with Trojans? Heck if we know. For what it's worth, we'd always recommend staying far, far away from unofficial Linux builds stuffed by hacking tools and maintained by Anonymous sources.  (See what we did there?)

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