Ubuntu 12.04 "Precise Pangolin" Released

Brad Chacos

If you're a Ubuntu Linux user, there's a new entry on your to-do list for today: downloading Ubuntu 12.04 (aka "Precise Pangolin"), the just-dropped long-term support release for the operating system. That means it gets five full years of bug fixes and updates, and it brings a host of improvements and fresh features to the OS -- including upgrades to its divisive Unity interface.

This is the first time Unity has reared its head in a LTS Ubuntu release, and it brings Canonical's new menu-shattering HUD interface to the party. ( We've covered the Canonical HUD previously ; hit the link for more details.) Initial reports say that Unity speeds along like a champ in Ubuntu 12.04, but we haven't had a chance to try it out for ourselves yet.

In addition to the usual app updates, Precise Pangolin packs in improved power management, a new login screen and a Video Lens that searches for cinema both online and locally. Canonical went after the enterprise market hard with this release: Ubuntu 12.04 includes support for VMware, Citrix, Microsoft RDP 7.1 and over 20 different laptops and desktops available on the market. OMG! UBUNTU! made a video of the top ten new features available in the O.S., which you can watch above.

Here's the download page for Ubuntu 12.04 .

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