Ubuntu 11.04 Still Tripping Over Sandy Bridge

Paul Lilly

Much to the chagrin of Linux users, support for Intel's Sandy Bridge platform has been anything but stellar. Many hoped Canonical's Ubuntu 11.04 "Natty Narwhal" release would improve this rocky relationship between Linux and Intel's latest silicon, but according to reports, these new chips are still giving open-source users fits.

"Following the failures of others to get Sandy Bridge graphics working properly under Linux, Intel supplied Phoronix with an Intel Core i5 2500K for my own set of Linux tests," writes Phoronix , a member site of the IDG Tech Network and avid support of Linux. "Sure enough, the 'out of the box' experience with distributions of the time (e.g. Ubuntu 10.10) was poor with 3D acceleration failing, but using the latest open-source code had worked. That is, after first battling an ASUS motherboard problem with the Linux driver."

Phoronix goes on to complain that, while things are improved in Ubuntu 11.04 compared to 10.10, the latest build is still using some older code that doesn't fully get along with Sandy Bridge. Phoronix said it ran into GPU hangs in certain benchmarks, choppy and sometimes "schizophrenic" OpenGL performance, and other annoying quirks.

Have you run into any issues getting Ubuntu 11.04, or any other version of Linux, to play nice with Sandy Bridge?

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