Ubisoft Backpedals on Draconian DRM Scheme

Paul Lilly

Ubisoft's New Year's resolution must be to stop pissing people off with with crappy DRM checks, because as our sister site PCGamer.com reports , the developer has decided to ditch its controversial DRM system.

Prior to the update, you needed a persistent Internet connection in order to play games like Assassin's Creed 2. If a storm knocked out your ISP or if your router went on the fritz, the game would pause, even if it was a single player game. It was a stupid DRM scheme on a number of levels, one that was introduced with Settlers 7 last year.

You do still need an Internet connection to authenticate Ubisoft games when they're first booted, but at least now if your connection goes belly up, you can continue to play, just like all the pirates who plundered their copies from BitTorrent.

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