Two Very Important 30-Year Anniversaries



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If you fan boys know anything about Star Wars you would realize that 1-3 with all the updated Technology fits in with the timeline.  After the Emperor took over the galaxy went into a really big decline and kinda got all crappy.  I looked up the time lines and old books online and it is amazing what you can find with a little reading and research on the subject.  This is for all the people complaining that ep1-3 was horrible because of the newer technology and other things.  And just for the Record they could have done all of 1-3 without JarJar that ruined it for me. 



The days of being 11-12 years old(1981), lying down in bed and daydreaming of being a jedi with boba fett armor and fighting for the rebels. I still feel the nostalgia.



Nothing wrong with the nostalgia and I'm right there with you, wishing I had a portable X-Wing to fly me to school.  Just don't let nostalgia keep you from enjoying other things in life!



Star wars always kicked ass, and always will.

Speaking of kick ass, pacman on kicks ass. 


Donate blood!


Keith E. Whisman

South Park did an Episode depicting George Lucas and Steven Spielberg physically raping Indiana Jones and at the end A storm trooper from Star Wars. There were raping the characters by mimicking most of the popular movie rape scenes that have graced the silver screen. It was very funny. It's also true to the fact. What's worse is that George Lucas and Spielberg are going to do a 5th Indiana Jones movie. 



 If you click 'Insert Coin' twice, you get Ms.Pacman!


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What do you have against Matrix- Reloaded?



You SOB's, I had deleted Star Wars 1-3 from memory (except the light saber battles which I had edited my brain to think were "deleted scenes" from the original three digitally remastered) and never went to see Indy #4 because I knew well ahead of time it would be such a flop. God DAMN IT, now I have to go through all that selective memory therapy again...You sirs, will be receiving my bill.

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You Star Wars elitests tend to forget when the original trilogy came out you were but a kid, living in Lucas' world.  Now you've grown up and learned about the world and now mock the new trilogy as being this God-awful thing.  Lucas didn't create the new set of films for you 30-50 year old fanboys; he did it to finish the story and to wow the newer generation of kids, who absoluteley love it and have helped bring Star Wars back to the masses.  Episodes 1-3 were not the greatest in terms of acting and scripts but if you rewatch Episodes 4-6, neither were they.  It's the notalgia factor which has kept them as being these "amazing" films all along.

And, Indy 4 was a good movie.  Was it Raiders?  No, but Lucas/Spielberg were not going to remake Raiders.  Again, the nostalgia factor plays the part and anything after the "originals" are teh suckage to you fanboys.