(Two) Firefox Add-ons of the Week: World Cup Updates and More!


Soccer madness is upon us.  If you're a true geek, you're watching game, after game, after game of this year's World Cup from the privacy of your personal computer.  It's not that hard to find an online stream of any of the games in this year's tournament, and it's the perfect way to combine your love of the foot-ball and your need to actually get work done during the day.  Can't lug a television into your cubicle, after all-right?

Anywho, two Firefox add-ons come to mind when I dream of soccer balls, 90+ minute feats of endurance, and that annoying horn sound buzzing in the background of every single match I watch.  One of these add-ons is pure entertainment--it does nothing to enhance your Firefox experience beyond expressing your pride for a particular World Cup team in a grand, digital popularity contest.

That said, don't let my cynicism stop you from grabbing one of the World Cup Firefox personas that matches up with your favorite team.  Not only will you get a browser that's full of a few more bragging rights, but you'll also automatically cast a vote for said team in Firefox's grand "Firefox Cup" tournament.  Simply put, the team that gets the most downloads of its representative Persona... wins!

As for the World Cup itself, you might just be unlucky enough to not be able to catch any of the online streams of the big games.  That's fine.  Grab the add-on FootieFox , use the configuration screen to select the games you care about, and enjoy up-to-the-minute scores right in the privacy of your own browser.  It sure beats switching back and forth between a generic sports site-especially if you're worried that your coworkers (and more importantly, boss) would look down upon your need for split-second soccer information.

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