(Two) Chrome Extensions of the Week: World Cup Craziness!


As I mentioned in my previous Firefox Add-on of the Week, it's World Cup time here in the ol', er, world.  And just as there's a handy add-on or two for those interesting in keeping up with the latest scores and information via their Mozilla-based browser, so is there an equivalent way to stay on top of the World Cup through Google Chrome.

Just like before, I'm going to take a quick look at two different extensions for the browser.  Unlike my choices for Firefox, however, there aren't any prettied-up or theme-changing elements to go around this time.  The first extension, Fifa.com Chrome Extension , is exactly what its name implies.

This official extension by the FIFA.com Chrome Extension team delivers out live results of all the World Cup matches, though you're free to personalize said extension to only display games for teams you actually care about.  The extension also delivers news, a full schedule for future games, and the up-to-date standings of the entire tournament.  For the true World Cup nut, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more comprehensive (and functional) addition to your browser.

But maybe you don't want stats, maybe you want games.  In that case, fire up the " Watch Live Football World Cup Streaming " extension to get your life-feed of a fix for any of the games you're interested in checking out.  It doesn't really have much of an interface, save for crude links for upcoming matches-the links themselves point to Ustream feeds of the matches themselves.  I suppose it, er, beats surfing the Internet to find the official feeds, right?

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