Twitter Follows in Facebook's Footsteps, Revamps User Profiles



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I'll pass. leave Twitter as what Twitter was, and the same for FB.

This change is not surprising as I hardly ever use twitter.



Much needed revamp, much needed by whom? Why is it these sites don't get it, we use them because they offer a simple interface without a ton of the junk you are stuck seeing on every other site out there. If I wanted FB style profiles and a newsfeed of worthless junk I'd stick with FB. I use twitter because I get a sleek interface that doesn't have all that!

They want to expand profiles, add videos ect ect, all thinly veiled at the end-game of adding more ways for them to monetize the site and push more ads.



I don't know, I think it's a tough argument to say Facebook and Twitter "don't get it" when they're the two most popular social networks in the world, one with 1.23 billion active users per month and the other with 200 million, and both growing.