Twitter Bans Popular Mobile Apps for Violating Policies



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Twitter is not doing thing wrong here, it's there name and their FREE service they don't want being blurred. Devs fault.



Twitter, if it continues down this path of app controls as Sony and Apple has been doing, is going quickly to find themselves being abandoned for another medium with greater flexiblity. People do not like to be told what they can or cannot do. Thats my two cents.



I think Twitter exercised some restraint in this matter.They could have ban them permanently, but instead, they decided to kick them until they are up to twitter standards.

"Twitter's official statement on the issue says the apps were kicked for a privacy issue involving Direct Messages over 140 characters, trademark violation, and for altering user tweets to make money."

Idk about you, but i think those are perfectly valid reasons to kick the apps.

If i'm not mistaken (i don't use twitter, so i appologize if i get this wrong) but doesn't the company limit to 140 characters or less? If an app extends the limit, i think there might be some problems down the road for the employees at twitter.

Also, if i had a trademark and it was violated, i would want something to be done.

Lastly, i would feel cheated if an app exploited my tweets just so they can make money.

So all an all, i think Twitter's actions are correct and justified.




140 chars it is, you are quite correct.