Twitter Toys with Its Own URL Shortener

Paul Lilly

For the past few months, Twitter has been routing links within Direct Messages through its own link service and wrapping them with a URL. By doing so, Twitter has been able to blacklist malicious links, and now the microblogging service wants to extend this functionality to all tweets.

Not just for security reasons, Twitter also recognizes that there isn't yet a way to automatically shorten URLs, leaving it up to users to manage long links on their own with third party services like TinyURL and

"To meet both of these goals, we're taking small steps to expand the link service currently available in Direct Messages to links shared through all tweets," Twitter stated in a blog post . "We're testing this link service now with a few Twitter employee accounts."

Twitter said it will roll out the service to non-employees later this summer. When it does, long links will be shortened and wrapped with

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