Twitter Reportedly in "Advanced Talks" to Buy TweetDeck

Ryan Whitwam

A preliminary report from the Wall Street Journal claims that Twitter is in " advanced talks " to buy the popular Twitter client TweetDeck for $50 million. Neither company is talking, but The Journal apparently has multiple sources on the matter. If true, Twitter will have taken yet another step toward controlling the application ecosystem for their platform.

TweetDeck has approximately 15 full time and contracted employees, mostly based in the UK. Twitter acquired popular mobile and Mac client Tweetie last year, and quickly branded them as the official clients. A TweetDeck buy could result in a new official desktop app aimed at the Windows segment. TweetDeck is an Adobe AIR app, and does work cross-platform.

Twitter recently suggested developers stop making clients for the service, so this possible acquisition is all the more interesting. By having an official presence on all platforms, Twitter could more easily make the argument that other apps are not needed. Are you a TweekDeck user? How do you feel about this news?

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